Who we are

About Our School

Our school is running under State syllabus. There is no tuition fee for students till 10th standard.. Upto 8th standard the government provides free text books and one set of uniform. Free noon meal also is given upto 8th standard. Children from economically and socially weaker sections study along with other children. Special coaching is provided for those who are back in studies . Every year we are getting good results in board exams.
All classrooms are Hi-techs. Teachers plan the lessons digitally with the help of 'Samagra' portal by General Education Department of Kerala. We have separate lab for physics , chemistry and biology in secondary section and senior secondary section. We use Open Source Software for our Computer Lab and digital learning so that students from economically backward communities can also afford their studies. Virtual Labs like 'K tech Lab,Phet, Kalzium,Gperiodic, Quantum GIS, Stellarium, Geogebra etc. are available along with the educational software for students to practice.
We encourage children in cultural activities and sports. Our children take part in all activities conducted by the General Education Department. Financial help is given to economically backward students those who appear for higher level cultural competitions.
Our children have won many prizes in Science , Maths, Social Science,Information Technology and Work Education competitions in district level and state level. The respective subject teachers actively support the students to take part in such activities.

Our staff provide full support to our children for all their needs. Parent meetings are conducted frequently to discuss classroom activities. Teachers visit the houses of children and build a rapport with them and their parents. Counselling is provided for needed children and their parents.
Vocal and instrumental music classes are provided in the school premises after school hours at low cost. Moral instruction classes are conducted twice in a week. One period in a week is set apart for the students to express their talents.

Institution Heads

Senior Secondary Principal

Sr. Pavana CMC
Office : 0484 2361916
Mobile : 9895433905
Email :stmaryscghss@gmail.com

Secondary HM

Sr. Shaleena CMC
Office : 0484 2368322
Mobile : 9447840998
Email : stmarysekm@yahoo.in
Secondary Email : stmarysekm@gmail.com

Primary Section HM

Sr. Sherin Maria CMC
Office : 0484 2373353
Mobile : 9544471073
Email : stmarycglp@gmail.com